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About Us


DIRECT LUMPER SERVICE Inc was formed by Colin Campbell, at the request of certain trucking companies to satisfy the needs of loading and offloading of containers, trailers and boxcars for these customers. Colin started the Lumping Service in the Mississauga region.  As of today we service the GTA and surrounding areas.


Colin Campbell has over 40 years experience in the freight & transportation industry, which led him to create a dedicated Lumping Service.


Colin's brothers, Daryl and Brent run the day to day operations. 


Daryl Campbell ensures that the proper manpower is provided for all customers.  Daryl also oversees that all customers are taken care of in a timely and efficient manner along with meeting all customer regulations and policies.  Daryl will go out and visit the accounts and address any concerns that may arise.  He is the daily hands-on person of our operations.


Brent Campbell takes care of all the administrative duties and runs the day to day office operations.  Brent is in charge of all the accounting.  Any customer service issues that can be solved over the phone are handled by Brent.  Any questions regarding invoices, billing or customer service issues will be taken care of by Brent as well.



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